Studying and making websites, graphics and videos for 17 years. Experience with many different systems and many different coding languages.

Who we are.

Below is the team @ EXPERT DESIGN. We've all have been doing website programming and graphics since June of 1999 We all met at classes we took, I saw the talent and from that point on we basically moved in together and started programming, building websites and teaching each other the latest technologies.


Creative Director






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Expert Design has been doing websites and graphics since June of 1999. We love what we do and have a very free feeling environment that designers and developers need to keep being more creative.


We find out all your competitors and see what they’re doing and see where we can improve for your website.


Since we started doing web programming and graphics in 1999, I have been in Photoshop and writing code almost everyday since 1999, now that it's 2016 things have changed dramatically and I have to constantly keep my eyes out for the hottest technologies for making an amazing online web presence for all my clients.


things have evolved a great deal in today's world everyone's using their smartphones. Websites have to look good on any device and easy to navigate through. It's all about easy and simple. The better your website looks the better it represents you.

How we work.

1 We sit down with our clients and find out the best possible plan for their specific website. We have them show us websites they like that do the same type of business and websites they like the look of in general and take all the best of what they like about each site and incorporate that into one exceptional website that not only are we happy with but you are too.

2 We start figuring how much work is going to go into the project to give you a rough estimate and then we start building. We do fantastic work and if you would like we can do it all through emails but if you would prefer a phone conversation not a problem, please call 216.773.3762 between 1:00PM-10PM Monday - Friday.

3 Once your website is completed we then hand over all the passwords and information you need to keep all website files incase something happens. We also set up a backend of the website so you can go in and change things around without any knowledge of coding. Clients use to ask if they could do that back in 1999 and the technologies we'er not avalable like today.

This is a cool little feature that has become very popular in the website community.
We are here to help expand your business and make your online presence fantastic. You can be a one person operation but if you have a great looking website people think you have a big company that really put their money into the website.