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Brian Artea

Front-End Developer / Back-End Developer / Programmer / Graphic Artist.
Since 1999.

Personal Info


Nationality: German & Bohemian

E-mail: brian@expertdesign.cc

Website: https://expertdesign.cc

My Phone: 216.773.3762

My Hobbies: playing guitar, bass, piano
and developing websites.

About Me

I am Brian Artea, Fullstack Web Developer with 20 years of experience. I'm always working with the latest web technologies.

I have designed and programmed thousands of websites and graphics from 1999-2020. I'm always learning the latest web technologies. My websites look and work great on all internet devices.

Why to choose me

My work is excellent, my prices are very fair and I get along with everyone.

I'm fun to work with, fun to talk with and I really know my stuff.

Here is My Vision

To make people excited with my work. I'm very professional, helpfull with ideas and work close with my clients.

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How I Make Websites

Planning, designing and development.


Planning is an initial part of making a website. A well planned website turns out nicer.



This is one of the better aspects of making a website for a client. I sit, talk or email back and forth different ideas with the client and they usually like the first couple I show them.



Once the design is out of the way and know how we want the website to look and function, it's time to make the website come to life and look goood and responsive on all internet devices.



This is where the website gets the final tune-up, making sure there are no bugs and the final production looks good on all internet devices and in all the main web browsers.

Great optimized graphics and well written code are essential for great looking and fast loading websites.


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Services I Provide

I'm a very seasoned graphic artist, developer and programmer.

Graphic Design

Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro, After Effects.

Web Design

Photoshop and Visual Studio Code are my tools of choice for website design and coding.


Google now looks for how fast a website loads as part of their search engine optimization (SEO). All my websites load really fast.


Logo design, business card design and making a brand that will be remembered.

Tech Support

I do maintanence at a minimal fee and my hours are long.

Retina Ready

My websites look great on the highest resolution devices and screens.

Like My Services?

I'm very easy to work with, my prices are very fair and I work fast.

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My Experiences

Website design, website development, software development and graphics since 1999. I've done thousands of projects from software and website development to magazine covers, flyers, posters and the latest software & web technologies.

Jan. 2020

Freelancing from 2014-2020

Senior software, web developer & Graphic Artist

This is by far my favorite job. Freelancing is great, I love the freedom of making my own hours.

Hire me to do your website and guarantee you will really like working with me. I'm a lot of fun to work with but I'm also very professional.

Aug. 2014

New Era Pro's

Back-End Developer

Database development, database driven websites with MySql, PHP, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and Jquery. I also did thousands of graphics using photoshop and illustrator.

Apr. 2007

Studio 360

Front-End/Back-End Developer/Graphic Designer

Thousand's of graphics, magazine covers, posters, brochures, flyers and 10's of thousand's of lines of code.

Aug. 2005

Highway66 Design

Junior Front-End Developer

This is where I really started designing high end website layouts and functionality.

May 2005


Graphic Design @JCU.

Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects Flash 4, 5 & MX. I also designed and coded the Sheffield Lake City website and Joe Costa & Associates website that year.

May 2003


Computer Science @JCU

Education 1999-2003. Setting up servers, DNS, Software Development, Website Design, Website Development, HTML, Flash 4 & 5, CSS, JavaScript, Pearl, PHP, MySql Database Driven Websites, using the Terminal/Command Prompt for many tasks. I'm also Microsoft Certified with Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint.

I landed my first freelancing job that year, I started out as an intern, making a website called "Spiritual Atlanta," she liked my work so much she hired me on for two years doing maintenance adding all graphics and articles on the website.




HTML5 Language



CSS3 Language



Javascript Language



JQuery Language



Bootstrap Framrwork



Wordpress Platform

Check out my works

I've been doing websites and graphics since 1999. A lot of the work I've done has been lost, below are things I've done over the last few years.

Skrollex Graphics


design / development / branding

Manson Digital Design

Manson Digital Design

branding / Design / Development

The Gem

The Gem

design / development


Online Portfolio/Resume

design / development


E-Commerce Website

design / development

Ohio Medical

Ohio Medical

design / development



design / development



Branding / development / Design



design / development


PHP / MySql Login System

design / development / Programming


Epic Portfolio Website

design / develpment


EZ Web Technologies - Minimal Responsive Website

design / development


My clients have been great work with. I'm very thankful for the clients I've had over the years.

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client No. 2
client No. 3
client No. 4
client No. 5
client No. 6
client No. 7
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Contact Me

Here you can find me. You can hire me, ask me about anything or buy me coffee:)

My Place

15538 Drake Rd. Strongsville, Ohio

Call Me

(216) 773-3762

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Work Time

Mon.-Fri. 10AM-10PM

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You can ask me about anything here, just type your name and e-mail and I'll answer you as soon as possible