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Twenty years of experience as front-end and back-end developers. We are constantly striving to improve our skills and looking for new, complex, and interesting projects to contribute to.

About UsOur Work


We Create Great Websites.

We are Expert Design located in Strongsville, Ohio.

Web Development

We thoroughly examine each customer’s case. Depending on the project requirements, we engage a dedicated team of business analysts to analyze and understand clients specific objectives and needs to find a solution that meets them.

Internet Marketing

Each project at Design221 is under the supervision of a dedicated quality assurance team that monitors all project activities and results at each development phase. Google Developer tools helps us rank our clients high on the first page of search results.

Client Support

Depending on specific requirements, our experts will take clients through each phase of solution development, step by step, providing sound advice on technology and application design options.

How We Work

We stick to the latest industry trends and quality requirements to deliver powerful and secure web-software that fits any environment perfectly and brings positive user experience.


Design 221 has been designing, programming and doing graphics since 1999. We love what we do.


Custom connectors for direct communication with SAP/Oracle, MS ERP systems.


Extensive B2B integrations, pre-built apps extensions and customizations for future web app development.


Java consulting, Java architects and developers draw on a well-crafted set of patterns for design.


Who We Are

Our success depends on the strength of our team. Meet our team.

Mike Johnson

CEO & Founder.

Mike Johnson
CEO & Founder

Jessica Specter

Creative Director.

Jessica Specter
Creative Director

Lynda Smith


Andrew Miles

Lynda Smith


Lynda Smith

We want to change
peoples lives

When we do a project, we want our cients to be as happy as we are with our work.

Who We Are

Product Design, User Experience Design, User Interface Design, Web Design, Graphic Design, Illustration, Branding and Identity, Startups, Adobe Creative Suite, Webflow, HTML, CSS, Invision.

Productive & engaging web solutions for smarter work and improved customer service.


We Are Here For You



We've seen every type of web technology there is, we do it all.

From personal websites to ecommerce websites so you can do or sell anything you want.

  • Responsive design
  • Template development
  • Rich media banners
  • Frontend development
  • Backend development
  • Content creation
  • Content audit
  • Copywriting
  • Photography


We are exceptional with internet marketing.

Internet marketing is one of the key things for making your business alive on the internet.

  • Facebook advertising
  • SEO and SEM
  • Facebook apps
  • Context advertising
  • Rich media banners
  • Game development
  • Content creation
  • Testing


There's a huge demand for branding, logo design, business cards, video design and development.

Our graphics have been one of the highligjts of our websites.

  • Rich media banners
  • Audio production
  • Photography
  • Design
  • Content creation
  • Content audit
  • Project management
  • Technical requirements
  • Testing


Solutions to multiple data sources and applications, including implementation of Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and integration with third-party web services, data feeds, payment systems and social collaboration tools.

  • Facebook apps
  • Brand immersion & research
  • Competitive analysis
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Content audit
  • Project/platform planning
  • Technical requirements
  • Testing
We Are Designers
We Are Programmers
We Are Coders
We Are Developers
We Are Creative

— We are DESIGN221 —

Our Process

We Make Our Customers Happy

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Our Numbers

Some of the cool facts about us.


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Our Skills

Our Main Skills

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